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Initial message


Welcome, dear Guest

This is a space created and maintained by the Parish of Cardigos with multiple objectives, but which ultimately tend to a few common ones: to promote the visibility and prestige of our land, the well-being, values and identity of our people, and the sustainability of our future. In short, it is intended to be an asset for the shaping of the future, and for the preservation of our heritage.

Like all projects in its initial phase, this too has a lot to be done. As it will require some expertise and collaboration of various entities, a delay in the completion of some of its contents is to be expected. On the other hand, we have deliberately chosen to leave some incomplete pages: they are an invitation to the participation of all those who are related to those issues, meet the necessary skills to develop them, and have the desire to contribute to this project.

Some of the collaborations that we lack:

  •   Identification of assets not listed

Unfortunately not all our assets are properly identified. As such they can not be recovered or be refered to. Fountains, wells and small ancient bridges are examples of comunity assets that should be properly preserved and referenced in this space. Then they will get listed in search engines and become visible all over the world.

  • Photo shoots and literature

Some elements deserve quite an extensive work in terms of image and text. It is the case of the former Church of Cardigos, the Museum of Villages, our Pelourinho, the Food and the Crafts. This work requires specific knowledge, skills and affinities. We appreciate all the assistance you can provide us.

  •  Historical elements

Old photographs and their historical background are always greatly appreciated. They allow us to know who the people were, what they wore, how they looked like. They alloy the younger ones to know places and realities that existed long before them, in a way  that they probably never imagined. They help to preserve the memories, the identity and build a sense of belonging. We hope to gather enough information to build a space dedicated exclusively to this line of work, so we look forward for the contribution of all.

Ultimately we hope this space becomes a crucial milestone in the life of our land.
Let us ear from you.

The Governing Board

Special photos
CHAVEIRA - Gracinda Dias's works on exhibition

PEOPLE - Rides of emotion and knowledge

VALES - II Photographic Exhibition 'People: The past never goes away'

CHALLENGE - Construction Banner

CARDIGOS - Junta showed the progress report of activities

MUSIC - 'Stella Vitae' gives concert in Cardigos

PEOPLE - Life Stories

CARDIGOS - Ball of the harvest

CHURCH - Nine children made first communion

SAFETY - The Junta de Freguesia acquired funnels

CARDIGOS - Junta de Freguesia provides transportation for dismissal of Father Daniel

CHURCH - Father Daniel goodbye to the Archpriesthood Serta

EDUCATION - Classes are about to start

CARDIGOS - Children re-qualify signposts stuck

CARDIGOS - Holy House of Mercy celebrate is day

CHAVEIRA - 'Sharing of knowledge '

CHAVEIRA - Futsal tournament was a success

VALES - 1º Football Tournament

MOITA RICOME - Population recovers chapel

VALES - II History Tour unveils 1st French Invasion

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