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CARDIGOS - Junta de Freguesia provides transportation for dismissal of Father Daniel

Has held on September 18, for 18 hours at Serta, the farewell party of Father Daniel Almeida.

The Junta de Freguesia of Cardigos will provide transportation for the parishioners of the freguesia who wish to participate in this festival. Registration is free but required and can be done in the extension of CTT in Cardigos, located on ground floor of the Old Church until the 15th, Wednesday. The merger is scheduled for 17 hours at the Square of the Holy Spirit.

Father Daniel, who on Sunday of the Sacred Heart of Jesus celebrated Mass at Church of Cardigos, took the opportunity to take leave of those who welcomed this time he was in the parish and thanked "the affection given to me."

The Eucharistic celebration is held for 18 hours on Saturday followed by a convivial lunch.

The Registration for the lunch gathering comes at a price of 5 euros. Shipping is free.


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