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EDUCATION - Classes are about to start

Classes in schools in the freguesia of Cardigos are about to start.

The presentation starts tomorrow, September 10, for the students of 1st year for boys and 3 years of entering the garden-care. This presentation will be made in the presence of parents or guardians, with their teachers. These will, according to Jose Antonio Almeida, Director of Green Horizon Group of Schools, and because it is the first time, give "the general guidelines so that children will adapt well to this new phase of their lives."

How to classes of the 1st cycle will begin next Monday, September 13 at 9am.
Attend kindergarten and kindergarten children eight 1st cycle 17 pupils.

It is recalled that the Ministry of Education determined that schools with fewer than 20 students finished this year. An exception occurred in Mação with this school in Cardigos because, according to the municipality Maçaense, the measure would "deepen the isolation of the parish."

The government's move was not accepted by the responsible local authority that has always expressed its "reluctance and non-compliance" with a decision they took to be a "setback in decades of struggle for establishing population." "We understand do not agree with this suggestion and do not fulfill the conditions that carry out this measure," explained Vice President of Mação Vasco Estrela in statements to Radio Constavel adding that "the host schools are not now equipped to accommodate more children and understand they are best installed where they are. "


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