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CHAVEIRA - Futsal tournament was a success

If there was one word to describe anything that involved the Futsal tournament this year in the Keychain would be heroism. Begin in people who organized the event and finish in people that, for a week, all made to the hundreds of visitors do not leave there unsatisfied.

The event that began on August 13 and ended on August 23 left participants, organization and visitors satisfied.

At the end of the tournament and before the commencement of the Extream Festival, Eduardo Gaspar, President of the Centro Cultural and Recreativo de Chaveira and Chaveirinha could not be more pleased. "It was a week of fighting where nothing was missing," said the president making a "positive balance, always with a lot of work but with the notion that everything went well and that more and more people join" will thus continue with this type initiatives. "This week seemed the Chaveira Asterix's village," joked Eduardo Gaspar.

This year's festival has more public than previous years but as many teams this because "we do not disclose the tournament-level competition out of doors for entering another dimension." The purpose of this tournament is to boost the local population to attend different events and also met her in living, captivating "develop our association," said Eduardo Gaspar yet.

António José Louro on behalf of the Câmara Municipal de Mação, in this prize-giving ceremony of the tournament highlighted the satisfaction of being present in the final of this event and proposed "a prize for those who have worked all these days."

At the end of the tournament and just after the awards ceremony began to Extream Festival. Merging these two events aimed to keep the young people gathered in their village. "At least one night is youth here," said Eduardo Gaspar, wishing for the year the commitment is even greater. "

Raquel Martins was the organizer of this year's festival. Attending the course of Event's Organization, Rachel believes that this is a good launching pad for his future career and so he tried to organize an activity attractive and with quality bands in the region.

She confessed that despite some setbacks "organization went well" and "experience that I go to other festivals also helped." Although older people "feel that is too much noise", this festival is to continue, "he said. Present were four bands, which represented a Serta, and finally two Alcobaça and Lisbon.
The objective will remain the same, the fun, the love of the land, its dissemination and do something different.

Final Classification:


1º - Chaveirinha teem

2º - Chaveira teem



1º - Proença-a-Nova teem

2º - Cardigos teem

3º - Chaveira (juniores) teem

4º - Chaveira (seniores) teem



1º - Ortiga teem

2º - Chaveira teem

3º - Jovens amadores de Proença-a-Nova teem

4º - Envendos teem

5º - Carvoeiro teem

6º - Chaveirinha teem

7º - Cardigos teem




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