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MOITA RICOME - Population recovers chapel

The associative dynamics is one of many compelling images of villages scattered throughout the country.

The majority of works in defense of what the public good, a lot happens at the hands of honorable persons and volunteers who strive to streamline where they live.

In the parish of Cardigos are several villages that give life to what is being lost, thereby revitalizing human wills and monuments with histories and stories.

In Moita Ricome, one of 26 villages in this parish joined so, on 7th August, about 150 people at one table a day gathering that aimed to show the works that have been made in the chapel of the village and raise more funds and donations for the work already undertaken and to continue with rehabilitation works in the village.

At this festival, which marked their presence in the Parish of Cardigos and the city of Mação, which also supported this cause, were well received donations from some villages of Mesão Frio, Moita Ricome and Arganil.

The day began with a eucarist at 12 noon and it was followed by a fellowship lunch.

The auction offerings with crafts, paintings, cakes and drinks and others filled the afternoon it was still bustling with music and snacks.

By gathering joined the traditional games with the usual Sueca.





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